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Unveiling Paul the Apostle: Misconceptions and Truths

Delve into the intriguing tale of Paul the apostle often misconstrued as the originator of a new religion and accused of anti-Semitism. Join Ron Cantor, the president of Shelanu.TV, Israel's foremost Hebrew-speaking messianic TV channel, as he unveils the reality behind these claims. Discover how history contradicts the notion of Paul founding a new faith and explore his transformative journey from persecutor to believer. Witness the profound impact of his Damascus road experience, forever etching the phrase into history. Dive into his heart-rending letter to the Romans, showcasing his unwavering love for his Jewish roots and his people. Gain insights into the truth that Paul's mission was rooted in harmony, embracing both the Gentile believers and his Jewish heritage. As you reflect on the profound restoration of the Jewish people in the present era, understand how Paul's message remains an enduring beacon of hope.


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