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What's the history of antisemitism and it's roots? | Podcast Ep 5

Dive deep into the heart of a complex and sensitive topic in this episode of "All Things Israel." Join hosts Evan Santoro and Ron Cantor as they dissect the layers of anti-Semitism, tracing its historical roots back to ancient prejudices, through the dark corridors of medieval Europe, and into the tangled webs of modern disinformation. Amidst personal insights and scholarly analysis, this episode not only illuminates the past but also shines a light on the current resurgence of anti-Semitic sentiments across the globe. Discover the truths behind the myths, understand the impact on today's world, and learn why the fight against anti-Semitism is more crucial than ever. A must-listen for anyone seeking to grasp the complexities of Jewish identity and the importance of standing with Israel in these tumultuous times.


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