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Discover Where Peter Denied Jesus x3 | Join us in Israel

Embark on a transformative journey through the sacred sites of Israel, tracing the path of The Messiah and the profound moments that shaped history. Join us on a guided tour that delves deep into the heart of faith, humanity's struggles, and the ultimate story of redemption.

Our tour begins at the awe-inspiring Saint Peter de Calicanto, where the echoes of Luke 22:34 come to life. Stand before the Roman Catholic Church that witnessed Peter's denial of Yeshua, a poignant reminder of the human journey of faith and doubt. As you gaze upon the sculpture of the rooster, Peter, the Roman soldier, and the figures he denied, the inscription "Woman I do not know him" resonates with the weight of the past.

Discover the layers of significance within the Church of Peter, Calicanto, as we venture beneath its walls to unearth the ruins of the Second Temple period. Uncover the very stones that once witnessed the high priest of Jerusalem, where Yeshua's footsteps led him before his crucifixion. The house of the high priest, a place of turmoil and decision, serves as a testament to prophecy fulfilled.

As we step outside, the story continues with the staircase believed to have borne Yeshua from the Garden of Gethsemane to the high priest's house. Feel the connection to history as we follow in the footsteps of The Messiah, retracing the pivotal moments that changed the course of humanity.

This immersive tour is a celebration of redemption, anchored by the enduring character of Peter. His zeal, passion, and imperfections make him relatable and real, a testament to Yeshua's promise to build his church upon this rock. Join us in uncovering the profound truths hidden within the land of Israel, where faith, history, and redemption converge.


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