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The Fear of the Lord: A Path to Wisdom and Holiness

Welcome to our show "Hope is not lost” With Tikva Ott, as we delve into the profound concept of the "fear of the Lord." In this episode, we explore the significance of this biblical principle. The fear of the Lord is more than conventional fear—it's a reverence, a deep respect for His presence and goodness in our lives. Discover the Hebrew term “Ir’at Adonai" and its connection to experiencing God's grace. We'll journey through the last chapter of the Book of Job and discuss how seeing God transforms our perspective. Dive into the meaning of holiness, the contrast between fearing God and pride, and the impact of gossiping. Let's pray for a nation, leaders, and individuals filled with the fear of the Lord, seeking wisdom and holiness in every step. If this message resonates with you, like, share, and leave your thoughts below. God bless you!


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