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Unlocking Spiritual Revelation: The Power of God's Word

Welcome to Shelanu.TV's "Hope is not Lost" show! Join Tikva, a Sabra Israeli, as she delves into the profound concept of revelation in the Word of God. Discover how reading the Scriptures is more than a mental exercise – it's an invitation to open our hearts and minds to the wonders and secrets hidden within. Through passages like Psalm 119:18 and Luke 24:44-46, Tikva highlights the importance of divine touch and Holy Spirit-led revelation. Experience the transformative journey of understanding God's Word not just with your mind, but with a heart receptive to His guiding truths. Join Tikva in praying for revelation to shine upon Israel and the world, bringing about salvation, understanding, and the fullness of God's blessings. Tune in to Shelanu.TV for insightful discussions that nurture spiritual growth and strengthen faith.


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